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Janet Dailey Butler blends yoga, sound healing, aromatherapy, and reflexology into a unique and joyful system of self-care.

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It is a place that when I visit, I feel a sense of peace.” It is a place that when I visit, I feel a sense of peace.” Register for classes online.Explore the history and benefits of yoga, the art of crafting the perfect workout playlist, and tips on incorporating yogic practices and meditation into a contemporary lifestyle.

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You can attend classes in yoga studios where you can learn more about yoga in general.The Atmananda Yoga Sequence focuses on alignment, presence, awareness and the cultivation of finding the teacher within. 112 E 23rd St, New York, NY, 10010 Gramercy Park.From private yoga to chakra healing, we help clients become whole again.

The sequence is composed of the seven groups of asanas, including.She came into this work over a decade ago as a direct result of her own healing crisis.

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Recognized as one of the most welcoming, uplifting and safest styles of yoga to practice there truly is a place for anyone willing to step onto a yoga mat.My areas of expertise include yoga, reiki, coaching, and a variety of chakra techniques, including tantric work, trauma recovery, and bodywork.

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