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The purpose of this sub is to provide a place for people to share stories and ask any questions regarding concealed carry in the state of Texas. offers the official four-hour CHL class required to get a concealed handgun license.Texas concealed handgun and license to carry classes at Buck and Does Mercantile located at 24250 N US-281 San Antonio, Texas 78258.

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Having recently moved to Texas (about 7 weeks ago) I was interested in how the process to get a CHL here would compare to the Illinois process and cost.There are any number of places you can get a concealed handgun permit in Dallas and Fort Worth.

It is important to understand the CHL laws in Texas and you will not get this from out-of-state classes.To qualify for a Texas CHL you must: Be 21 years old. (Members and former members of the armed forces must be 18.) Have a clean criminal history, including military service and recent juvenile records.

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Welcome to which offers an entirely online class for Concealed Carry Permit training.Actually it would be hypocritical to say that requiring an ID for voting denies people their right to vote while arguing that requiring an ID to own a gun does not violate your 2nd amendment rights.Right now a Texas resident can carry in Texas on a Florida license, however that could change in the 2013 legislative session, so why take the chance, get the Texas CHL.Residents of Texas may take the Virginia Non-Resident Concealed Carry online course and legally carry a handgun concealed in Texas, the same as a Texas CHL License.I looked into getting a CHL (Concealed Handgun License) here in Texas when I moved here about a year ago.

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Read this to find out the 3 things you need to know before getting your concealed weapons permit in Texas.

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The answer is, you can legally carry in states Texas have reciprocity agreements with.

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The first step in getting your Texas license to carry is to take our online Texas LTC course.

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As well as, getting pictures, electronic fingerprints submitted and paying the final fee.It is provided for free and no guarantee is made on the content or completeness of the study guide.

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Texas Concealed Carry Permit Information: Texas is a shall issue state for residents and non-residents.Classes convenient to residents of Bandera, Bexar, Kendall, Kerr, Gillespie, Comal and Guadalupe Counties, and North San Antonio, Comfort, Kerrville, Fredericksburg, Bulverde, Fair Oaks Ranch and The Dominion.A concealed weapons permit is mandatory if you wish to carry a concealed weapon in Texas.

It takes an interactive approach to covering the laws, shooting fundamentals, and safety tips necessary to carry a concealed weapon, with a live-fire qualification test the Marksmen range.Requirements to obtain a Texas Concealed Handgun License (CHL) To get your Texas CHL you must be 21 years of age or be an active member or former member of the armed forces.

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It has been estimated that Texas accounts for over 51 million guns in private ownership, which is about 20% of all of the guns in the United States.

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Therefore your deferred if not sealed is considered a conviction for CHL purposes.Texas is a booming state drawing a great deal of business and new residents every day.Below are the requirements to obtain a License to Carry in Texas, also commonly referred to as a Texas Concealed Handgun License (CHL).If you are a citizen of Texas and you have a concealed handgun license (CHL), you might wonder what happens if you also get convicted of a DWI.

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Texas gun laws dictate that anyone who wishes to possess a CHL must first take a state-approved course taught by a licensed instructor.The 85th Texas Legislature has officially approved online LTC classes for Texas LTC and CHL.

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