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At 2 years old, Rosie is a giggly little girl who loves to play tricks on her big brother.

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Caillou is the main antagonist (and villian) of the Caillou Gets Grounded videos and is the secondary antagonist of the Dora gets grounded videos and sometimes is the main protagonist of the videos.

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With humor, kid logic, and imagination, Caillou helps preschoolers make sense of the world.

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And Many More Cast Caillou as Arthur, Rosie as D.W., Leo as Buster, Baby Rosie (From Big Brother Caillou) as Baby Kate, Doris as Jane, Boris as David, Clementine as Francine, Jason and Jeffery as Timmy and Tommy Tibbles, Sarah as Muffy.Rosie Bothers Caillou Caillou talks back to his mother, shoves Rosie out of his room, and Rosie hits a book against a door repeatedly.

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The two most controversial episodes of this show is Caillou Joins the Circus and Big Brother Caillou.

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Season 1 Episode 1 - Caillou Makes Cookies (Caillou fait des biscuits) Caillou is drumming and singing badly.

In The Davido aka UltradSuagry, she is seen as herself in Big Brother Caillou.

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He is based off the TV series and book series of the same name.Posters Posters can be used in coverflow applications and in social media applications.

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In various episodes of season 1 and a flashback in new member of the family, Rosie wore a yellow long-sleeved white collared pajama shirt with a zipper accompanied by.

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Caillou asks if she is coming today and Mommy says she is going to go to the hospital later that day, and that his grandmother will look after him.

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Crying scenes are scenes that have been recurring throughout the Caillou series, and are a major reason the show is often ridiculed.Buy Caillou: Big Brother Caillou (DVD) online and read movie reviews at Best Buy.

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The latest music videos, short movies, tv shows, funny and extreme videos.Caillou season 11 episode 4 Big Brother Caillou (ep 16 - 20) include episodes: 16.

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