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It effectively captures VHF and UHF signals for an estimated range of up to 45 miles, providing you with access to dozens of free HDTV stations in your surrounding area.I bought the Winegard HDTV Antenna on impulse, on-site without having any prior knowledge of the brand, research or reviews.

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Channel Master is a US company that manufacture products for O.T.A. (over the air).

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This HDTV antenna has the greatest signal searching range in our comparison.They have a serious design flaw in the box that connects the RG6 cable to the antenna.

Winegard FL5500A FlatWave Amped HDTV Indoor Antenna

The Winegard has omni-directional signal reception, which makes it ideal for RV and trailer usage.For our review and testing of this product we decided to to use an older model RV that had a 1998 Winegard Batwing antenna.

Winegard HD8200U Outdoor HDTV Antenna The Winegard HD8200U Outdoor HDTV Antenna is the best of the best.Enjoy better reception and a clearer picture with this FlatWave Amplified Razor-Thin HDTV Indoor Antenna.Products for HDTV Antennas from Channel Master, Antennas Direct, Winegard, Ooma for home phone, and G-box for Streaming.

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The Winegard FlatWave Amped antenna is a great choice for people in or near cities who are restricted from installing an outdoor antenna.Winegard HD7698P antenna reviews: 137 Winegard HD7698P average rating: 3.6.It offers a weather-resistant frame for mounting outdoors and features high gain on both UHF and VFH frequencies.

Winegard PA6002R Pathway X2 Automatic Portable Satellite TV Antenna with DISH ViP 211z Receiver for RV, Tailgating, Camping, Outdoor Product - Winegard LNA-100 Boost Ultra Low Noise TV Antenna Amplifier.Buy the Winegard HD7698P Outdoor HDTV Antenna at a super low price.Pair With a Streaming Device for Even More Content Pair the best HDTV antenna, the Winegard FlatWave, with a streaming device such as a Roku, Fire TV or Chromecast for maximum programming.

For orders being shipped to Canada please call Winegard customer service at 1-800-288-8094.

Winegard Flatwave Amped Indoor HDTV Antenna Review

Enjoy improved reception on your television with the Winegard LNA 200 Boost XT Digital HDTV Preamplifier.

Aaron Newcomb reviews the Winegard FL-5000 FlatWave HDTV Indoor Digital Flat Antenna.SaveAndReplay has become known for carrying products that give you the best in FREE TV (No Monthly Bills).

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The Winegard Flatwave Amped HDTV Antenna is expertly crafted.We wanted to see how old technology stood up against this new automated product.

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The antenna is lightweight, sturdy enough, and easy to install.Winegard HD-8800 (aka PR-8800) 8-Bay FAT Dipoles analyzed using 4nec2.The Winegard 7694P antenna has been specifically tuned for channels 7-69.The Winegard Platinum Series HD7694P is a Yagi-style, unidirectional antenna with a 45-mile range.

Are you seriously planning to cut the cord so that you can save money each month.This antenna has a range for 30 miles for VHF and 25 miles for UHF signals.Winegard PA6002R Pathway X2 Automatic Portable Satellite TV Antenna with DISH ViP 211z Receiver for RV, Tailgating, Camping, Outdoor Average rating: 4.8333 out of 5 stars, based on 12 reviews 12 ratings.Elements are powder coated white for long lasting durability in harsh environmental conditions.

Watch local news, weather, live sports and all of the top-rated shows for FREE, in HD, and with Dolby Digital Surround Sound with the Winegard FlatWave digital TV antenna.Winegard Company is a respected world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative antenna products for satellite and terrestrial communications.

Winegard digital HDTV antennas provide the maximum content available in your area.Winegard Company (at its option) will either repair or replace the defective product at no charge to you.


You can use it with any non-amplified antenna to extend the signal range and to pick up channels that your passive antenna may not be able to pick up alone.

The ability of the antenna to receive weak signals is better than most antenna in this size.Set your store and be able to check inventory and pick up at your local store.When you arrive somewhere you simply press SEARCH and it will scan 360 degrees and find the directions that have the most frequencies it can hear.

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